Independent UK Credit Card Comparisons | Today is Monday, July 25th, 2016

Cash Back Credit Cards and Rewards:

Get rewarded for using your credit card!

By using a cash back credit card when you purchase any goods or services you will automatically start saving a small amount each month. These credit cards with cash back are especially useful with your weekly shopping and other bills - cutting your outgoings each month. However, before using these be sure that you can repay the credit card balance in full each month or you will lose the benefit due to interest charges.

American Express Platinum image
American Express Platinum
17.9% 5% cash backfor 3 months, 1.5% thereafter None
None No annual fee, no limit or caps on the cash back that you can earn. You must make at least the minimum payment each month to earn the cashback.
MBNA Rewards image
MBNA Rewards
15.9% 0% for 13 months
[2.9% fee]
0% for 3 months In addition to the long introductory balance transfer offer MBNA Rewards can offer you straight cash back, travel, entertainment, wine and shopping rewards and vouchers. Take advantage of the 0% transfer from your card to your current account within 90 days [4% fee].
Business Card With Cash Back image
Business Card With Cash Back
17.9% 0.5% cash back None
None MBNA's business credit card that includes cash back, earning double cash back on fuel purchases. 0% on balance transfers for 9 months, 0% on purchases for 3 months.

Membership fee - £29 per year.
British Telecom image
British Telecom
16.9% 0% for 13 months
[3% fee]
0% for 3 months Earn discounts on your BT phone bill as you spend with the BT credit card.

Eligible applicants are over 23 years of age, no recent credit defaults, UK resident for 2 years, homeowner and earn over £20K per annum

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MBNA Platinum Credit Card
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