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"Nationwide voted most responsible credit card provider"

By admin | March 28th, 2009 | Credit Cards

In a recent poll the Nationwide Building Society has been voted the most responsible credit card lender, and this was announced at the recent annual Card Awards.

At the awards the building society enjoyed being honoured as having the “Most Responsible Credit Card Lending Practices”. Nationwide is the biggest building society in the UK, and has now received this honour for the second year in a row.

The building society received praise for the quality and clarity of the information that it provided on its credit cards for consumers, and also for its ‘Trust Us, Trust You’ campaign.

It received additional praise for its transparency with its credit cards. The Trust campaign was launched last year, and the aim of it was to promote mutual responsibility between the lender and the consumer when it came to lending and borrowing.

A spokesperson for the Nationwide Building Society stated: “To win this award for the second year running is a fantastic achievement for the society … it has never been more important for card providers to demonstrate responsible lending practices and we believe our ‘Trust Us, Trust You’ initiative clearly sets out our commitment.”

Another area in which the Nationwide Building Society was praised was the way in which it dealt with consumers that were suffering financial and repayment problems and the action that it took with regards to such issues.

The positive order of repayments was one of the areas to receive praise, and this is where the way in which repayments are allocated to the credit card debt can save consumers money on interest, unlike many other card providers who allocate repayments in such a way that they consumer will end up paying more.

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